The aims of GFCC - English

The aims of GFCC - English

Postby goodadvice on Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:46 pm

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Global Friendship and Culture Center (GFCC) - the Global Network of Friends

Our common passion is to shape a really Global Friendship Network which will do its bit to make the world a more peaceful and more compassionate place.

With the Global Friendship and Culture Center (GFCC) we want to create a tool to make new members stay at their community even if they don’t speak English fluently and to promote the understanding between members from different cultures. We also want to shape a really global community with high numbers of members all over the world who are connected to a worldwide network of friends in a mood of understanding and accepting different cultures and beliefs. This network also wants to help its member to a better life. This is the reason why we show our members how to receive Free Internet Money - Yes, you can earn without investment out of your pocket. So everybody who is interested in winning referrals worldwide may contact us to get help and support. We perceive ourselves as a global network of friends so we needn’t to reinvent the wheel – we can help each other with our experience and knowledge to succeed.

GFCC has been created by a group of friends from around the world who share a common goal of creating a community for their friends that has been built to meet their interests, needs, and requirements. A Global Community where all people from around the world can gather and get support and service in the language of their own choosing while learning about different countries, religions, heritage, cultures, etc... Unlike other Social online networks where for the most part only those people from Canada and the other predominently English Speaking countries can get support and service, GFCC and our team of Executive, Staff, and members is dedicated to providing all the support, assistance, and service that you would ever need tailored directly to your needs, instead of expecting you to have to take the responsibility or obligation to try and understand the English support offered elsewhere.

In our GFCC Team we have a lot of fun but there also is a lot of work to be done. So we will appreciate every help we can get. If you want to take part in the further shaping of GFCC, if you want to help with translating or sending messages or finding new members all over the world, simply write a post into the 'I want to become staff'-board or send a message to

Another passion of many of our members is to save animals from extinction.
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